We put you in the spotlight!


Do you want to make sure that your DVD, reality show, or theatrical debut is successful? We know how important these events are and getting you the right publicity is extremely important. We handle everything from the launch, to the release and anything in between. We can work to make your sales increase by creating the appropriate image for your project. Our experienced team will use our knowledge and connections to make your Television or Film project climb above the others. Our marketing campaigns are cutting-edge and reach the target markets that you want to reach. We use all digital media, as well as print and television to help drive store and box office sales. Our team uses their creative prose to create the most awe inspiring campaigns to "Put your project in the spotlight." * Film Festivals are an integrated part of our program. We will help you with Berlin, Zurich, Toronto, Edinburgh, Sundance, Cannes, Malibu, Venice, and Orange County.