We put you in the spotlight!
At Wentworth Public Relations we strive to do what ever is necessary to put our clients in the best spotlight.

- Media Relations
- Social Media Marketing
- Press Kit Design
- Product Launches
- Media Relations
- Branding
- Artist Development
- Business Development
- Worldwide news media
- Product Placement in Television and Film
- Special Events/Celebrity Events/Red Carpet Events
- Fashion Shows
- Consultant

At Wentworth
Public Relations we use the most current social networking applications, sending clients forward in the entertainment industry. We consider social media marketing our expertise. Times have changed and we know that social media marketing is the avenue most people are using to get their messages across. Facebook, Fan Pages, Myspace, Twitter, all help promote events that can be uniquely designed to meet the individual need. We work closely with local magazines and news papers to make sure your message is delivered to as many people as possible. We work to put you in the spot light with radio, television, charity and social events. Los Angeles has many opportunities for us to put you in front of the media and get you exposure.

We have standard packages that we offer, but can tailor a package to work for you.

Corporate/Small Business