We put you in the spotlight!

Corporate/Small Business

Getting your product recognized, acknowledged, and incorporated into the world economy is something that Wentworth Public Relations knows a lot about. Your company can be a large or a small organization, and yet you have the same goals; to get your products recognized, purchased and used. We help you get your products on television shows and in the movies. Through our vast connections to the entertainment industry, we can help you make the most out of your marketing by securing the hard to get product spots in virtually thousands of television and films each years. We help you find celebrities to connect your products with, by helping you secure gifting suites for photo opportunities. Having celebrities use your products at Red Carpet Premiers, and helping to get those products into the hands of high end consumers to help you build your business to where you want it to be. By helping you build recognition of your products, we are helping to build value to your business as well as increasing your bottom financial line.

  • Products in celebrity gift bags
  • Red Carpet Photo Ops
  • Revitalize your product lines
  • Expose your new, cutting edge products
  • Increase your wow factor