We put you in the spotlight!


Snap, Snap, Snap goes the camera. When you think of celebrities you think of paparazzi, red carpets, and high fashion. Wentworth Public Relations believes that celebrities bring the audience. If we put the celebrity into the spotlight and build on their popular brand by building emotional interest, we will help to increase their popularity. Making their IMDB increase, or by increasing the amount of fans on their Facebook page, we are helping to build their popularity. We cant make you popular but we can increase your popularity, by giving you as much exposure as necessary. When looking for direction you can count on one-on-one attention and guidance in your marketing plan to help build your career, or repair a downward slope. We work with all aspects of talent, from producers and directors, to actors and other public figures. You can count on us to great dazzling press kits, amazing charity events all the way to creative and precision crisis management.